Love A Mother’s Baby (LAMB)

Florida Prison Ministries has a desire and commitment to help babies born behind prison walls. In order to give these young ones a new start, we will try to provide spiritual and physical material to nurture this new life till the age of 3 or 6. This is a critical time for a newborn baby to be torn away from the mother. We must do all in our power to see that the child at least has some chance to have a life-changing experience. We believe if we could provide for some of the basic physical and spiritual needs in this child’s life, that this child, along with the mother and caretakers, might have a life-changing experience also.

Inmates cannot purchase gifts or needed material to give to their children. In some cases, women have been known to barter in the prison environment just to get a few tubes of toothpaste to send their children for birthday or Christmas presents.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide some of the basic needs in this terrible environment that this baby is being born into. All material and literature sent to the baby should be as coming from the mother. As we minister in the mother’s name, hopefully our support will in time produce the life-changing attitude in both the mother and child. Hopefully, we will be able to send layettes to each baby as it reaches its home, and spiritual material for the little one to be nurtured with by the caretaker in the child’s life at this time. There might also be needs for strollers, beds, etc. in the first six years of life.

We should try to enroll each baby in Christian spiritual literature for their age group—Our Little Friend, Primary Treasure, etc. As the child is exposed to this material, and with prayer on our part, there is no telling what the Holy Spirit could do with this situation. God is able to accomplish the necessary results from the seeds that we plant.

The goal should be also to minister to the mother at this time by providing the same spiritual material to her so that she might be in harmony with what her child is being taught at home. If she is impressed with this material, she will be anxious to see that the caretaker is also doing the same with her little one. This is also a time for interjecting other life-changing health and relationship material to those responding to want to participate in this program


The LAMB Training Manual is available.